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Bioenergetic Testing

Ancient medicine meets modern science...

What is Bioenergetics?

Everything in nature is made up of both physical and energtic properties. Just as the physical differences between a rock, a tree and a sparrow are obvious, the energetic differences are also unique. Further, each type of cell, tissue and organ system also has its own energetic resonance or signature. Over the past 80 years, researchers have recorded and catalogued these “energy signatures”. With modern high-speed computer technology and delicate electronics, we can test an organism’s intricate energy field.  The energy signatures identified are then compared to a huge database of healthy animals (or people) allowing us to determine how the body is using energy. Any organic substance, including supplements, herbs, etc. can be tested for its unique energy signature to determine whether it will benefit the animal being tested. Not all horses or dogs with joint pain respond to the same joint supplement… why is that?  Because every individual has a different energy disturbance at the heart of their disease. Matching these patterns to correct the underlying energy disturbances is key to improving the efficiency of healthcare. It is truly customizing supplements to your individual pets’ needs. Everything else is like throwing Jello against the wall, hoping some of it sticks.

How does the Bioenergetic Supplement Analysis program work?

Samples are collected from your pet (hair, cheek or nasal swabs, toenail, or hoof clippings, etc.). Small samples (1 tsp or so) from the supplements or herbal medications are also submitted. When the test kit arrives at our clinic lab, the samples from your pet will be analyzed to identify their energy signatures. During the extensive testing process, the energy signatures will be compared to a large database of known patterns to identify disturbances in energy flow. The supplements are then tested to determine if their signatures will help correct the problems areas identified from your pet’s samples. The result is a very detailed report explaining the tests conducted, the energetic disturbance patterns identified, and the analysis of the supplements submitted. You can use this information to make smart and informed decisions regarding your pet’s healthcare and product selection.  

What are the steps involved in testing?

1. Order a test kit from our website (one kit per animal)

2. When the kit arrives, collect the required samples (hair and cheek swab) from your pet and any supplements you would like analyzed.

3. Return the kit, with the samples and the included forms.

4. Reports will be delivered by email in a few days.

What do my test reports represent?

You will receive a lot of information with your test results. This will include the scan results (Comprehensive and Informational scans). These scan reports will identify your pet's energetic deficiencies, including the balancing items/frequencies. The supplement test results will describe the samples sent as either "helpful" or "not helpful". The results are a comparison of the energetics from each supplement compared to the energetic deficiencies found in the scans.

Can I have my pet tested without analyzing any supplements?

Yes, of course. You can submit samples without supplements and we will still provide the comprehensive and informational scans. This report will provide you details on your pet's energy deficits along with information onbalancing items that can be used to improve their overall health. Balancing items might include helpful foods, homeopathic remedies, herbs, etc. that will help correct energy disturbances found in the scans. 


Can I submit more than three supplement samples with my test kit?

Yes! The initial test kit includes testing and analysis of your pet’s energetic signatures and up to three supplement samples. Additional samples can be included for an additional price.  Just purchase additional supplement scan in the order page and the supplies will be included with your shipment.

Can I test more than one of my pets?

Yes, we even offer a discount when tesing more than one pet. Please request a separate sample collection kit for each animal. A not in the comment section of the order form will help us keep things straight int he lab too. 

Can I send liquid samples in my test kit?

NO, the USPS has special shipping requirements for liquids. Please contact your post office regarding special shipping instructions (you are responsible for any additional shipping charges).   That said, liquids can be tested in the same way that powered supplements are tested.

My report indicates that the supplement is not helpful for my pet. Does this mean it is dangerous for them?

Probably not. Most supplements are not harmful and can still be continued if desired or if recommended by your veterinarian. If reported as "not helpful" it means that energetically, the supplement is not providing the desired effect that the body needs to correct its imbalances.  Sometimes, a different brand or similar supplement with slightly different ingredients will work better for your pet.

My veterinarian recommended a specific supplement, but the test results show it "not-helpful". What do I do?

First and foremost, have a discussion with your veterianrian. Unless your vet has been trained in energy medicine, they will not likely understand this testing. You should also always follow the recommendations of your vet, there may be additional reasons a particular supplement was suggested for your pet.

Can energy deficiencies that are identified in the scans be corrected?

Yes, various supplements and "energy imprints" can help correct imbalances. Please contact our office for specific recommendations after you receive your test reports.

I have questions about my report and how it applies to my pet. Can I schedule a consultation with Dr. Randall?

Yes, virtual consultations (telemedicine) appontments can be requested through the order page. These are scheduled in 30-minute blocks.

Does Dr. Randall see patients in person?

Yes!  Our clinic is located in Northern Michigan. Feel free to call or email to schedule an appointment. We provide a number of conventional and holistic veterinary services.


My animal has medical problems and I'd like to do additional bioenergetic testing. How do I do this?

"Break out" scans can be added to check for energy disturbances related to a variety of conditions. These scans can be added on and tested with the same samples collected from your pet.  Please indicate which additional scans you'd like run in your order. The supplement analysis is compared to the two basic scans and any additional scans that you request in your initial order.

What additional ("break out") scans are available?

Many scans can be run on the biological samples that you submit. Additional scans are ordered through the order page. The additional tests available are listed by species below.

What species can be tested?

Dogs, cats, horses, birds and livestock can all be tested.

Additional scans available:


-Brain & Nervous System

-Common Disorders

-Comprehensive (included in standard report)


-Esophagus & Stomach


-Food Sensitivities



-Informational (included in standard report)

-Joints & Connective Tissue


-Kidney & Bladder

-Large & Small intestine

-Large Intestine


-Liver & Gallbladder

-Lungs & Respiratory



-Mouth & Teeth





-Preferred Diet


-Reproductive Female

-Reproductive Male





-Small Intestine


-Stomach & Esophagus


-Thyroid & Parathyroid


Please call or email if your have questions regarding the most appropriate scans for your animal.

Note: The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is important to consult with a licensed veterinarian that has a relationship with you and your pet before changing medications, diet, etc.

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