At North Country Veterinary we offer a unique multi-modal approach to veterinary medicine. Just as every animal is an individual, each responds best to a treatment plan designed just for them. We carefully and thoroughly examine every patient, perform diagnostics to better understand the  issue at hand and design a treatment plan that is most fitting to the patient and their owner's needs. 

Modern Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

As medicine is continually changing and advancing, we continue to update our skills and knowledge.  We practice the most current surgical procedures. Surgeries performed at NCVS include common spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, and also not so common procedures such as CCL repair, tumor removals, and emergency exploratories, among others. No matter the surgery, every patient is closely monitored by our licensed veterinary technicians and given the utmost care. All patients receive pre-surgical bloodwork to screen for any underlying conditions such as infection, diabetes, liver disease, etc. Post-surgical K-Laser therapy is also standard of care at NCVS to reduce inflammation and speed recovery. 

Regenerative Medicine
Stem Cell therapy, IRAP, PRP are all forms of regenerative therpapies we offer right here in Northern Michigan.  We offer one of the most advanced stem cell procedures available.  
Adipose derived stem cell therapy is a one day, in clinic procedure only available at NCVS in Northern Michigan. 
IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein) IRAP involves drawing approximately 50 mls of your horse’s blood into a specialized syringe which stimulates the production of the antagonist protein.  The blood is incubated in the syringe for 24 hours.  After incubation the blood is placed in a centrifuge and the plasma which is rich in the antagonist protein is separated from the blood cells in multiple syringes.  IRAP is then injected into the joint once every 7-10 days for 3-5 treatments. Samples are stored in a -80 C freezer until use.  
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) PRP can be obtained in a matter of minutes.   A centrifuge is used to help concentrate the platelets into the plasma which then can be used for treatment. PRP has been most commonly used to treat tendon and ligament injuries. The goal of treatment is to accelerate and improve the quality of healing.  Veterinarians  use PRP intra-articular to treat osteoarthritis.
IRAP, PRP and stem cell therapies offer the possibility of successful treatment of previously life-threatening or career-ending injuries. Consult your veterinarian to determine if one of these treatments may be appropriate for your horse or pet
Herbal Therapies

 Dr. Randall is an active member of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association (VBMA). He attended Essentials of Western Herbal Medicine and is also an entry level acupuncturist.  We offer a wide range of complemetary medicine options, including herbal supplements. 

Animal chiropractic focuses on restoring movement and promoting heath by rehabilitating normal joint mechanics and soft-tissue function, thus, normalizing neurological patterns that facilitate healing. The main tool an animal chiropractor uses to restore joint motion is called an “adjustment”, or veterinary spinal manipulation. This gentle, specialized, manual skill involves the application of a quick, low-force maneuver that is directed to a specific area of a joint at a specific angle. A certified animal chiropractor understands these joint angles intimately and can best assess if an animal can benefit from chiropractic care. These professionals are the only ones who are qualified to adjust your pet.
Large and Small Animal Medicine

All Creatures Great and Small, we see them all!  We are able to see your horses and livestock either in the hospital or in your barn.  Available at the hospital we have stalls and stocks as well as an outdoor round pen.  We have a fully stocked truck we bring to your location along with portable x-ray and ultrasound. 

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