Check out the easiest vet appointments ever!

Yup, we are doing this!

Your vet, online advice.

Televet is a new way to contact NCVS for basic veterinary care. It works just like text or video chat allowing you to communicate directly with Dr. Randall. Through Televet you can share photos, describe your animal's problem and get veterinary care advice, all online.

Televet is great when you cannot get in for a regular appointment.

 - Does your cat get absolutely stressed when you need to take him to the clinic? Try Televet!

 - Stuck on an island and the boat is not running?  Try Televet!

 - Work schedule prevent you from coming in during regular hours? Try Televet!

It does not get easier than this!

 - Download the Televet app on your iPhone or Android (links below).

 - Open the app and follow the instructions to set up your profile and add your pets.

 - Select North Country Veterinary Services as your preferred clinic.

 - Start a consultation, add information about the problem in the summary and give as much information as possible in the details section.

 - Add pictures or video if it will be helpful to explain the situation.

 - Choose next to be taken to the payment section and add your card information for your Televet appointment.

 - NCVS will be notified that you have requested a Televet appointment.

 - Your case will be reviewed, and you will be contacted by Dr. Randall later that day.

 - Dr. Randall will be able to ask questions, and provide advice - just like in a real appointment. We can even schedule a video conference through the app!

 - After the Televet appointment is complete, your case will be resolved and your card will be charged by Televet.

Please Note:

Televet is designed as a tool for non-emergency veterinary care.

If your animal is having a serious problem, you should call the clinic's emergency line at

(231) 588-2190, ext 4 or go to your closest emergency veterinary clinic.

Dr. Randall is licensed to practice in Michigan only. A valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship is required by law to administer specific advice, and medications.

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