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NCVS offers Laser Therapy technology


Therapy lasers are used in both veterinary and human medicine to treat many conditions. Animals with chronic pain, arthritis, wounds, surgical incisions, fractures all benefit from laser treatments.  Laser therapy can even help pets with dental problems, skin problems and chronic ear infections.  We are very excited to provide the most advanced laser therapy available with our new K-Laser unit.  Laser therapy is a drug-free, quick and painless method to rapidly improve tissue healing.  Call for a consultation to see if laser therapy can help your pet.

How Does it Work?


Laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses 3 different wavelengths of light to help the body heal itself. K-Laser works at the cellular level, speeding up the body's natural healing processes. The laser promotes increased circulation by drawing nutrients and oxygen to the affected area, while also carrying waste products away.

This creates an optimal healing environment to reduce swelling, inflammation, muscle spasms, pain, stiffness, and enhance tissue repair.

What Can Laser Help With?


Laser therapy can help with a multitude of both acute and chronic conditions including, but not limited to:


-Osteoarthritis        -Joint Pain          -Edema/Congestion        -Muscle Strains


-Puncture Wounds  -Bite Wounds      -Surgical Recovery          -Burns


-Hip Dysplasia         -Neck/Back Pain  -Ear Infections               -Post-Traumatic                                                                                                        Injury 


How Long Does it Take?


A typical treatment follows the 3-2-1 protocol. 3 treatments the first week, 2 the second week, and 1 the third week. Followed by a maintenance schedule recommended by your veterinarian. Acute conditions often require less treatments with no following maintenance schedule.


The treatment itself is painless and comfortable for your pet, and animals often enjoy the experience. Treatment time ranges from 2-8 minutes for each individual session.


Laser therapy can be used as an adjunct treatment with drug therapy, chiropractics, physical therapy, and acupuncture.


Call us today and find out what K-Laser therapy can do for your pet!

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