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Cutting-edge Options for Joint Disease

Arthritis and joint pain are extremely common in our pets. Recent studies have shown that 6 out of 10 dogs and cats suffer daily from osteoarthritis and other forms of chronic joint pain. The incidence is likely even higher in horses due to their extreme activity and athleticism. These facts are alarming!

At North Country Veterinary, we have taken on the challenge of providing relief for animals suffering from chronic joint pain. We use a multi-modal approach that directs treatment from several angles. Our treatment options are helping many animals feel better than they have for a long time. In the case of performance animals like horses and hunting or agility dogs, we have seen dramatic improvement in the way these animals work and show. Whether you have a horse in advanced-level dressage training or a house cat couch potato, we can help them feel better and live without pain. The therapies that we use for joint pain focus on managing the disease process rather and not just covering up pain with medication.

Below is a brief summary of a few modalities that are we offer at NCVS to help manage joint disease. More detailed information on these options will be posted in separate entries.

Stem Cell Therapy:

Stem cells are contained in many of the body's tissues. These cells are used to repair tissue that has been damaged by disease and injury. The immune system calls up these stem cells and activates them to repair the tissue when and where damage has occurred. This process is slow, and in the case of chronic joint disease, the process is ongoing. With our stem cell therapy process, we harvest your pet's own stem cells by collecting fat cells from just under the skin. We then activate the cells and inject them into the troubled joints. This process provides a flood of cells that are looking for a place to go to work. This therapy has been shown to help more than 96% of animals with joint disease. Stem cell therapy is completed in a one-day procedure entirely at our clinic, it is available for all types of animals including horses, dogs and cats. We offer a free office consultation for anyone considering stem cell therapy - this opportunity allows us to discuss treatment options and to determine if your animal is a good candidate for stem cell therapy.

Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy utilizes multiple highly-tuned laser beams aimed in the affected joints. Energy from the laser has several affects on the damaged tissue. These affects include reduction of inflammation, reduction of pain, and increased circulation to the tissue. Treatments are quick, painless and affordable. Many animals show improvement of even severe joint pain within the first few days.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation (Chiropractic):

The nervous system controls every body function, including healing. If you have ever visited a chiropractor yourself, you know that this a very useful option to treat chronic pain and other problems. Dr. Randall is certified in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy and is a member of the College of Animal Chiropractors. Spinal manipulation uses a holistic approach to disease and focuses on restoring proper function of the nervous system. Adjustments can reduce pain, increase range of motion, reduce inflammation and manage system-wide affects of many disease processes. Our patients enjoy the treatments and their owners are often surprised at the change they see in their pets after being adjusted.

Herbal Medicine:

Herbal medicine utilizes the natural constituents found in plants to provide animals with substances that can alleviate pain, minimize inflammation and protect cartilage. Many of the pharmaceuticals that we use in "modern medicine" are actually manufactured from plant sources. Herbal medicine can sometimes provide these components in forms that are more easily absorbed and provide fewer side effects than what is found in the pure chemical form. Dr. Randall has studied herbal medicine for many years and is certified in Veterinary Herbal Medicine by the College of Veterinary Integrative Therapies.


Acupuncture is utilized to stimulate critical points that have affects on many of the body's functions. Many of these acupuncture points directly stimulate the neurological system. Acupuncture has been shown scientifically to help reduce pain and inflammation (and many other benefits). We use this tool in many types of animals.

Food therapy:/nutrition:

"Food is the nature's medicine" is a quote that you may have heard before. It is an essential part of keeping a body healthy and fighting disease processes (including joint disease). Dr. Randall has studied the use of targeted nutrition and food therapy to help animals manage disease. From specific diets to home-cooked food recipes, we can help your pet feel much better by managing what they eat and providing them with the nutrients they need heal.

At North Country Veterinary we focus on treating disease and keeping your pet in a healthy state before issues arise. We take our motto of "Helping animals help themselves" seriously.

North Country Veterinary - Cutting-edge medicine, Small town service.

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