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“Shiloh is doing great and is now sound.  I'd be more than happy to share my experiences with anyone who would like to hear. I swear by the PRP and would recommend it to anyone. I think it has made a world of difference for Shiloh and was well worth the cost!”

-Kendall D., Sault Ste. Marie, ON  (Shiloh is a 2 y/o Paint gelding with a severe suspensory ligament injury)

“Thank you, North Country! The amazing staff did wonders for my baby girl. The staff is so kind and caring. they came in late at night, on a holiday to take care of her. She is making great progress.”
-Jennifer A., East Jordan, MI (Goat suffering from seizures)
“Friendly and caring...they have done a great job with whatever we bring them from ducks & turkeys to cows & horses. Thanks guys, we highly recommend you!.”
-M.S., East Jordan, MI
"Before laser treatment I was ready to put him down, the only thing stopping me was my husband. We decided to try just one more thing. We saw a difference after just the first laser treatment. Within 2 K LASER treatments he was a completely new dog. He now has control over his hind legs, which he didn't have before, his spine is no longer in pain, and he is a much happier dog."

-Tracey R., 12yo Labrador Retriever with severe chronic osteoarthritis

"She was in such pain, she would whine when she would lie down, and couldn't get into a comfortable position to poop. She was only 3 years old and had a very hard time getting around comfortably. After the Stem Cell Therapy and K LASER treatments she now has none of these problems! She has no discomfort when lying down and no problems with mobility. I haven't heard her whine in pain since the treatments. She is amazingly better and now acts like the young dog she is!"

-Bonnie M., 3yo Golden Retriever with hip dysplasia


"I tried all the standard treatments on her, even chiropractic adjustments, but nothing helped. The muscles had atrophied so badly in her hind quarters that she looked severely disproportionate. Winter was coming soon and she was dragging her back leg; I knew she would not manage in the snow. I was ready to put her down. I decided to try the K LASER treatments as a last resort, and I couldn't believe how fast she responded to it! I noticed a slight improvement after her first treatment, and it only got better after that. Now I am riding her! We walk and jog up and down the hill to build the muscles back up in her hind legs.I cannot overstate how much the laser treatment has helped her, it is a complete turnaround. I tell everybody about K LASER, even if they don't have animals, just in case they know somebody who does."

-Carol V., 17yo Mare with spinal injury


"Before laser treatment he was in such pain, he couldn't even go for short walks. After just the third laser treatment he followed me out to our chicken coop, which is over 300ft. away! I was amazed. He has been better ever since, and has more mobility than he has had in a very long time. I am sold on K LASER!"

-R. P., 7yo English Mastiff with chronic osteoarthritis

 "My name is Mario; I am a 14 year old Dachshund/Beagle mix. I know, handsome dude type – right? Anyway, I started seeing Dr. Chris Randall when I was 10 years old. My teeth were not the best, so he had his work cut out for him. Before Chris (we’re on a first name basis now) cleaned my teeth, he did a thorough exam on me and discovered that I had a heart murmur. I had been slowing down and although I knew something wasn’t quite right, my mom thought that I was just getting old. Chris and my mom discussed options. My mom, preferring alternative treatment to drugs, lit up when Chris mentioned that we might want to consider acupuncture treatment. And so it started. The first time I went in, Chris, in addition to several other points, wanted to put a needle in the end of my nose! Yikes! Are you kidding me! I crossed my eyes to get a better look and try to figure out how the h*ll I was going to get it out – and Chris instantly knew that putting a needle in my nose was not an option. (We just laser that point now.) The rest of the needles didn’t bother me, you really can’t feel them. But, for me, an anxiety ridden little guy, I didn’t want to see the needles going in. So, Chris, picking up my cue, decided that we could do without the needle in the nose. Whew! At first I went in for a treatment every week or so. And pretty soon, I began to start feeling my oats again, so then I started looking forward to my treatments and getting excited as my mom would get me ready to go in for my treatments. Over time, I began to feel much better and before and after each treatment Chris would check my heart and see (or should I say ‘hear’) that it was beating stronger & steadier after each treatment. Before long I once again began to enjoy beating my sister (Precious – a Shih Tzu mix) on our daily race to the couch after our morning run! It had gotten so that I didn’t care and I just let her win, because I just didn’t feel like trying. Well, those days are now loooong behind me and I often give her a head start and STILL manage to out run her! How else does a guy insure getting the best seat in the house! I should also tell you about my mom worrying about my cold ears. She always has cold feet and had noticed that, like her feet, my ears were always cold, particularly at the tips. You know I have those adorable long floppy ears that are just so darn cute (or so I’m told.) Anyway, particularly on cold days, she would rub my ears trying to warm them up for me whenever I’d come in from the cold. Well, after I had been going for acupuncture treatments for a while I noticed that my ears didn’t get so cold anymore. Then one day my mom reached down to warm them and that’s when she discovered that they weren’t cold anymore! They no longer get cold and that’s good, except I do miss the frequent ear rubs, so when she does rub my ears I do a soft moaning sound and lean in for more, so she knows how much I still appreciate the ear rubs. Chris says that acupuncture improves the blood flow, so I’m thinking that this was why my ears used to be cold – the blood wasn’t flowing through them properly. Anyway, now if we could get my mom’s feet to stay warm, that would relieve me of another one of my duties! Ah, but I don’t care, I like snuggling with my mom and dad. As I started this, I mentioned that I am now 14 years old and I just want to add that I’ve never felt better! I don’t go in for treatments as often as I used to now, so it’s sort of like a reunion when I do go in and see Chris, Robin, Chelsea, Kandi & everyone! And, yeah, I do have some other issues, like we all do when we start to get up there, but I can’t complain and Chris and his staff are working on those issues as well. It’s been a long journey for me, but thanks to everyone at North Country Veterinary Services, I am doing pretty darn awesome! My energy level is back and all I can say is I’m sure glad my mom found Chris & everyone else at North Country for me! Thanks guys!

-29 October, 2017


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